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Outdoors activities

Outside the campsite, you'll discover the beautiful surroundings of Erdeven, the coast and the county of Belz at your leisure, taking the trek paths, riding your bike, or even on horseback. Once close to the ocean, you'll enjoy the cruises, trips and activities of all sorts, and in the evening you can discover the many festivities and events that take place in Morbihan.

Trips and activities around Erdeven :

There are many walking paths around the city, wether for your treksbike rides or horse rides. Don't hesitate to ask around at the local tourist information center, about the surrounding acivities and the typically briton places of interest.

In you're looking for sport activities, tennis courts and golf courses are near, as weel as bowling roomskart tracks, and for the most adventurous of you, tree climbing parks, and a leisure park for kids at Ploemel.

Activities on the beachfront and in the ocean :

In the three beache near Erdeven, you can learn yachting or surf with specialized teachers. In the sea, you can try scuba diving and sailing cruises, or even rent a boat with no license to cruise along the coast. For our fishing-loving friends, a fishing guide is available to take you on a trip in the ria of Étel.

Cultural and touristic activities :

You'll find we have a lot of great touristic spots in the Morbihan, starting with the megalithic wonders which are many around the region, including Kerzeho, the most famous stones alignment after Carnac. The breton cultural heritage, which is strong, offers many museums to visit, as well as the annual Interceltic Festival of Lorient, 25 km from the campsite. For your evenings, you'll find casinos in Carnac, La Trinité sur Mer and Quiberon, and of course, many bars and pubs in the local towns.