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The legend of the Seven Saints

Why "The Seven Saints" ? This is the question many of our customers tend to ask. We are located in a very typical small hamlet which is called the 7 Saints. It consists of several stone farmhouse and a chapel (the chapel of the seven saints). In this chapel is attached a strange legend.

They say a poor wife, in ancient times, gave birth to seven boys. Helpless before such a burden, she begged her servant to remove six. The young maid went away, taking the lead in the thickest woods, but on the road, tired, she laid on a rock much about the precious panière. The departing she could not recover it at the cost of great effort, so much so that the impression remained inscribed in the stone. Was not that a divine manifestation?

The little maid came back very quickly being assured that seven newborns were promised an exceptional future. The father and mother before such testimony redoubled efforts to raise a large family.

Their sacrifices were not in vain, after a sound education in compliance with the worship of God, the seven brothers founded the bishoprics of Brittany.

The 7 Saints were Brieuc, Corey, Malo, Patern, Pol, Samson and Tugdual.