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Our commitment to sustainable development

All of our coworkers were aware of the economic management of energy, water and waste. Here are the documents that were handed to them : Awareness note to the coworkers.

Some measures we are implementing for sustainable development :

  • Pool heating by heat pump
  • Reduction of water flow in the rental
  • Motion detector for lighting the space well be
  • Use of LED bulbs for lighting of the pool area
  • Obstruction of channels per night energy saving bulb
  • Several water abstraction point on the campsite
  • Bathrooms fitted with common presto
  • Use of washing stations to automatic dispensing of cleaning products in the bathroom.

Your actions during your stay :

We also invite you to take action for the environment during your stay in our facility by implementing a few simple steps.

  • Do not let the water run unnecessarily when you shower.
  • Practice sorting, containers for glass, newspaper and recyclable packaging is available.
  • Remember to turn off the lights outside your mobile home when you go to bed.
  • Etc...